Xiangsheng transcripts and dialogues 相声

Here is a link to a xiangsheng dialogue and transcript. (当然 是 大山)

Does anyone know of any others? I would love to see more.

I see there is a text and associated tapes called:


“A new text designed to promote listening comprehension at the intermediate and advanced levels through the medium of Xiangsheng, a humorous, oral art form popular in Chinese for many years. Complete text of a Xiangsheng in pinyin and simplified and traditional characters, with vocabulary notes, a full English translation , listening comprehension exercises and an introduction to Xiangsheng in English.
Book with three cassette tapes in album” ISBN: 0-88710-184-4

But it seems very hard to get a hold of these days. Has anyone ever used this?

Kubler also has written an article: “Teaching Advanced Conversation and Comprehension Through Xiangsheng”, which seems interesting, but again - difficult to find a copy of these days.


Rough transcript: http://bit.ly/gc5MHR

Any others anyone can please share ?

Updated xiangsheng resources over here: http://www.lingq.com/forum/6/23662/?page=1#post-165797

When I studied Chinese Xiang Sheng dialogues were my favourite learning material, even though I did not have transcripts and missed a lot. They are great for getting the rhythm of the language and the tones. Thanks for sharing these.

A good way to get the transcripts and dialogues together is to go through lists like this http://www.xiangsheng.org/portal.php?mod=list&catid=59 and look for a performer you like, then just search on the name of the performance and main performer for a video.

So, for example: this transcript http://www.xiangsheng.org/article-2168-1.html
goes with this video http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTI4NTM5NTI=.html

Agree with Steve, xiangsheng is amazing for getting exposure to sounds, tones, intonation etc - even if you don’t understand everything. But it can also be very rich and rewarding in many other ways.