WWWJDIC Japanese dictionary broken

When I try to lookup a Japanese vocabulary term using the WWWJDIC dictionary, it always searches for what appears to be a random series of characters and not the word I was trying to lookup. Other dictionaries like Google Translate and Tatoeba work fine. This problem has been going on for as long as I have been using the dictionary–would be nice if it was fixed.


@gerdemb - I added this dictionary some time back at the request of a user, however in looking at it again it doesn’t really seem to work with our platform all that well. If you can find a URL that we can use that allows the word to be entered into the URL for a quick search then we should be able to support this dictionary. However, in the meantime I have removed it from the list.

@alex WWWJDIC is probably the best online Japanese dictionary so I think it’s important to have. I think the problem you’re alluding to is that the site uses an http POST instead of a GET to lookup words. Fortunately, Jim Breen, the author of the site, has provided a “backdoor” to work around this problem which he documents here: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/edict-jmdict/message/4486

In short use this url: WWWJDIC

I hope this helps.


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I agree. I have not found a better online dictionary for Japanese.

@gerdemb - Thanks for the link, I’ve now readded it and it looks to be working properly.

This should save me time copying/pasting between browser tabs. Very happy about this addition.