Wrong, wrong, wrong

196 known words within my first 30 minutes with Russian?

No, I didn’t linqg one single word. I maybe happened, unintentionally, to click somewhere - but 196 times!

Anyway, here numbers are numbers for me. They have a little to do with knowledge.

Go into settings and see whether “move all words to known” is checked or something like that. I fyou finish a lesson, they are automatically added to known

I have never understood the motivation for this default setting. I just don’t get it, it was my first problem as well and I couldn’t wait to uncheck that move all words to known setting.


Thank you, @LILinqguist, for helping me!

Happy New Year!

As @LILingquist said, under the Settings button on the home page you will find “Reader Settings” where you can control:

  • Auto LingQs creation
  • Auto TTS
  • Paging moves to known
  • Review LingQs when paging options.

Nema problema, @zoran!

Come on, zoran! You’are behind me in English, aren’t you? But you could easily fix it by moving your known words in Italian into English.

Reader Settings: Auto Lingqs creation…

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Nice, how good are you in Serbian? :slight_smile:
Yup, I am a bit behind in English ( will try to change that! :smiley: ), although I am not really studying it actively, just trying to find some new words and increase vocabulary. I plan to focus more on Spanish and Russian in 2018 and reach fluency in both. I am pretty good already in Russian, but need some improvement, beginner yet in Spanish but was able to make some decent conversations this summer on Mallorca.

You’re very good in English, @zoran. The number of your known words don’t reflect your real level, I’m afraid.

How good am I in Serbian? I think I’m good at recognize the language, because there’s a large commununity of people speaking this language here I live.

Good luck with your Spanish and Russian!

Isn’t it about time that Serbian-Croation is added as a language at LingQ :slight_smile:


“Isn’t it about time that Serbian-Croation is added as a language at LingQ”

Do you mean that it si time to add Serbian-Croatian at Linqg?

“It’s about time that X happens” or “it’s about time for X to happen” means, approximately, that “X really needs to happen”, or that “X is kind of overdue”…etc…

I’m posing it as a question, hence: “Isn’t it about time for X?” = “isn’t X kind of overdue now?”

You can also say “it’s high time that X happens” or “…for X to happen”.

In this context, “X” = the addition of Serbo-Croation to LingQ, of course :slight_smile:

Thank you for your brilliant explanations to my question, @Prinz_Skjegg!

No window below to write in and no possibility to give a rose to you either - weird.

Yeah, after a certain number of replies on a sub-thread, the possibility to “rose” someone disappears, I think. No matter :slight_smile:

Hopefully soon! Next two languages in line are Belarusian and Thai, but we hope to have all Mini Stories translated/recorded into Serbian soon, which will allow us to add it as Beta language.