Wrong word highlighted

On several lessons I have a word highlighted in red and its not the same word I have on the right side of the screen. This has been going on for some time for me now and I just ignored it and some times would go back to tasks and refresh the lesson to correct the problem. Is this a common problem which you are working on?

Red? I’ve never seen a red LingQ.

das “aktuelle” Wort ist jeweils rot umrandet.
Beim schnellen LingQen kann es sich verschieben = Das “rote” Wort passt nicht zum Text im rechten Feld.


refresh your page! this will solve the problem.


@nate81 - Would you be able to send over a screenshot of this to support (at) lingq.com?

Ah, Jolanda. I understand. Apparantly this problem was mentioned before here on the forum: The System Loses Track Of Which Lingq Corresponds To Whic...

Actually I have this problem sometimes too.

Yeah,it is a old problem, but for new users it seams new.


@Alex it looks as though you have already seen a visual of the problem from the link Vera has on here. @ jolanda, as I mentioned refreshing my page solves this problem but it would be nice if this “old” problem was fixed. I guess I’m new so I have no idea how to send a “screen shot”. It sounds like it happens a lot just from Vera’s and joland’s comments.

@nate81 - Ah, that makes sense! I was a bit thrown off my VeraI’s post about a “red LingQ”, so I missed the word “highlighted” in your original post :slight_smile:

Yes, this is a known issue and is something we have on our list! This can happen when you are adjusting the status of a LingQ using the dashboard - it then sometimes causes issues with the highlighting. In the meantime, as recommended above, a refresh of the page is a temporary fix. We’ll do our best to get this resolved soon.

Hi Alex, it would be great if you find a solution. Refreshing lasts very long if you have a long text, and if you have to do it 10 times in a lesson, it is not fun.

Alex, it is definitely not only happening when adjusting the status of a lingQ. I experience this as well, and I never adapt the status of a word.
The scenario I have is:
I lingq a word, but the server takes a while to respond. Then in the mean time I click already on the next blue word in the text, because I do not know whether my clicks have been taken into account. In that case, the next word will show the definition of the first word I was linqing in the right panel, and it is impossible to lingq that second word (because it thinks it is the first) without refreshing the page.

To me the problem appears only, if I’m LingQing to quickly. The page needs some time to remember my last LingQ.


@silviad - Yes, it does seem to happen in other scenarios as well, though I imagine it’s all the same root issue. In any case, it’s on our list! :slight_smile: