Wrong or missing Tranlations

I am learning Ukrainian with lingq and my native Language is German.
I have the following Issues:

  • Translations for words in Lingqs are sometimes wrong or none existent.
  • Translations for individual words on Lingqs sometimes differ from the fully translated sentence in sentence view.

In order to combat this I tried adding English as a Language to the dictionaries. If I then switch to englisch it indeed shows me better Translations in the cases where there is no korrekt German translation available.

Is it possible to either
A) Add a better dictionary (Such as Deepl instead of google Translate)
You can select different dictionaries but there are only 4 and none of them seem to be really good.
B) Add English as a fallback but have the English Translations be translated to German then. My English is probably around B2 or C1 so I still don’t know every word, which is why it would be inefficient to add only English as Language as i would then have to translate the English Translation as well in case I don’t know a word.

If you don’t like suggested user hints, you can use available dictionaries to find your own translation instead. I have just added Ukrainian > German combination for the Deepl dictionary. Hopefully that helps!

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Thanks for your answer and adding the dictionary. That helps me a lot.

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