Wrong Links in Mandarin

Hey everyone,

I tried to import som texts to Lingq, but there is always the same problem: The system(?) crates random links!
When I inserted this sentence: “我有个朋友要来中国旅游,他问我,什么季节来比较好。中国这么大,气候一定很复杂吧?” links were like:

我有个朋友 “要来” “中国旅游”,"他问"我,什么季节来比较好。中国这么大,气候 “一定很” 复杂吧?

Is there any way to stop this from happening?

Thank you,

I occasionally have similar problem with Japanese. The system sometimes can misinterpret words or create Lingqs based on common expressions. What you can do is put a space in between words that you want to separate. For example, manually space out “中国” and “旅游” in edit mode so they become two Lingqs.

Ok, thanks! :slight_smile: Seems that I have to invenst a lot of time in formating texts. Steve said that they don’t want to invenst a lot of money in a new formating programme (for Cantonese), but I think that they definitely need a new one, since the old one crates funky Lingqs in Japanese and Mandarin.

@ShadyLady - For languages that don’t naturally have spacing, we’ve added a word splitter to automatically add spacing for words. The word splitter isn’t perfect, but it allows you to take text that has no spaces and study it on LingQ without having to worry about manually adding spaces. We did spend some time looking into other word splitters, but weren’t able to find any that would work better and were compatible with our framework, but we do hope to make some improvements to the word splitters in the future.