Wrong data for Know words?

I think there’s something weird here. I started some Czech lessons a few weeks ago, and if I go to Learn/Vocabulary, all my lingqs have status 1, I may have ignored some proper nouns when I read the lessons, but basically, I just created lingqs.
So my question is, how come I have this information “Known words 130”?

Sorry, the title should be “Wrong data for Known words?”
I tried to edit the previous post and somehow it created another one.
I should be able to delete my own posts, but it seems I can’t, I don’t see any delete button.

I suppose that even the ‘moderators’ cannot edit the title of the first post in the thread.

But can you delete it? If so, please do. I also asked Colin, let’s see who comes first!

The ‘moderators’ can neither edit the title of the first post nor delete the content of the ‘first’ post.

Hmmm … you should fight for more power! :slight_smile:

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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Absolutely! :slight_smile:

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