Writings related to courses

There is a problem with the writings that a learner send when it is related to courses. Usually, they come directly into the tutor’s account. It is no longer the case.
A member has enrolled in one of my courses. She said that she wrote to me her text for her first lesson. It is in the tutors’ list! As her personal tutor is Marguerite, I normally do not have to take it. I inform you that I just did since I’m the tutor of this course.

It could be easy to make mistakes when writings for courses and the others are mixed in the same list so if you can have a look at this problem. Thanks.

These writings have always shown up in the corrections list as well as in your list. That is just the way it works. The writing report should be in your list of reports on the Tutor page. We are looking at improving the way writing is handled.

It wasn’t in my list as it was the case before when other members wrote for a course. If I had not know about the writing I mentioned today, I would not have corrected it since I’m not the personal tutor…I don’t want to make mistakes. It is why I wrote this post.

Slightly related, I think it would be great if:
1 A submitted writing is listed on the tutor page instead of being up for grabs (except for cases like this when Marianne is in charge for the course).
2 People could choose a tutor for each language they study (perhaps that’s possible now, but I got the impression that it isn’t)

We are looking into this but we are changing the writing correction system to do away with the tutor submissions list and simply have the writing corrections sent to a selected tutor. Give us a week or so and these changes should be up on the site. You will not be able to choose a tutor for each language but you will be able to choose a corrector for each submission.

This is great, Mark.

That’s probably a better solution! :slight_smile: