Writings of my students appears on my English writing page

Why are the writings of my students on the list of the writings that I’ve done? I think when I open the writing page with the language English I should see only my own writings in English, and not the German writings which I’ve corrected.

Hmm… that’s funny. I notice the same thing now, but I’m sure that I have seen my own writings somewhere but where have they gone?

My own writings are still there. They are between the writings of my students. Funny is the mix of languages.

What is shown are the writings you have submitted in the current language as well as any writing submitted for you to correct or that you have already corrected. We are moving in the direction of having all members tutor so we need an easy way to see both your own writings and your corrected writings.

Is it possible to see only the writings in the selected language? That would be great.

That’s not possible at the moment. We may enable that at some point.