sometimes I received some emails from Lingq as it seems like some people want to correct their wrting from me which sent by lingq. so …if I write something in a language I learn, will there anyone correct my writing for me? is it charge? as I find a forum which people write something in another language which they learn and they seem wait for someone correct their sentences, is it free of charge? Thanks

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You do need points to submit writing for correction.
Please check the write help page for more details: Write Help

Ehem, hasn’t that point system been abolished?

No, it hasn’t. You still need points for conversations with tutors and submitting writing corrections.

This is weird. This morning I could submit three texts in Italian, yet my point balance has been zero since 2017.

Oh, sorry about the confusion. You can submit it for free on the Writing Exchange tab under community where all users can look into it and correct it for you.
But, if you are going to submit writing to a tutor, on the Tutors page, you do need points in that case.

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Alright, thank you :slight_smile:

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Writing something in your target language is a very good and useful exercise.
But what I’ve noticed looking at some writing exchanges - sometimes the learners just copy some texts from a textbook or from an article. Such writing exchange is completely useless!..
It could be much better if you would write about your life, your experience - about your family, your city, your friend, your holiday etc. Such kind of writing could be a good base for your speaking.
And don’t write too much!.. Your mistakes are visible if you write 5-10 sentences. If you write more, you just repeat again and again such mistakes.
And a bit about two opportunities of writing - free writing exchanges and payable writing for correction. In both cases your texts will be corrected, at least if they are not too long.
But if you send your writing for correction to a certain tutor, this tutor will explain you your main mistakes and, in addition, he/she records your corrected text. The fee is not too much - mostly about 2 USD, but often it is reasonable in order to receive more information and more help than just corrections.


"sometimes the learners just copy some texts from a textbook or from an article. "
Could you please create a new thread to discuss this?

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