How do you approach writing when learning a new language? Even though I am at an intermediate level when I go to write something, I draw blank…

Ok. This has answered a lot of my questions. Day 53: The Importance of Writing in Language Learning - YouTube

I don’t write. I’d like to, but I just can’t get into it. I’d love to do it more, because you do note a lot of your weak areas, but it’s just so much less fulfilling than speaking or reading.

I suppose I should look at it like brushing my teeth and just do it. :wink:

Every morning, I jot down ten or so simple sentences on what I did the day before and what I’m hoping to do that day. Then, I write down three things that happened in the last 24 hours that I’m happy about. Next, I pick one those those three things and try to write down every detail I can about it within the space of three minutes. I try to keep all of this very simple, using mostly grammar and vocabulary that I’m very sure of. I use Antidote 8 to double-check what I’ve done.

Beyond that, I write little essays, from time to time, on things that are going on in the world or new ideas I’ve come across. In these, I’m a bit more experimental and often get a native speaker to correct them for me.

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