Writing Without Recording

I noticed that Los Serrano (Spanish Library) and some other items (in another library) are not accompanied by recordings. I only mention “Los Serrano” because there is a note that no recording was wanted. Until today, I thought that items without recordings were simply that way because the provider forgot to add the recording.

a. Do all tutors get permission from learners before they put items in the library?

b. If no recording is required, may I or anyone submit writing for points?

Term in the writing

Is this a code word/slang way to say “impresionante” from the series?

Btw, Harry’s progress in languages seems to be “impresionante”.

All content in the library should include audio. If this is not the case it would be great to get the link to the lesson and we will remove the lesson.

I assume that any content in the library has the permission of the person who created it, including any learner whose writing was corrected and recorded by a tutor.

Re code word imprsionante, I am not sure if you are trying to be witty or do not realize that this is a misspelled word. In any case, there may be typos in the transcripts and, again, if we get the link, one of our editors will correct the typo.

For some reason this link does not work even after removing the blank in the URL.


I have seen “imprsionante” on the internet-spelled just like that. I haven’t seen the series, so I don’t know if this word is said with vowel reduction as one of the trademarks of the show or not.

I don’t want to embarrass the people who provided items without podcasts. Should I write on their walls and remind them that the sound is missing for their podcasts or should I write to Alex?

“Writing reports, Los Serrano - I don’t want a recording for this writing”

This is the name of the lesson.

This link heads to Not’s workdesk. But only Not has an access to this workdesk, that’s why others will receive error.
Not, when you want to share a link to some lesson, you need to give link to this lesson in library (ends on ‘/buy/’) or to the collection.

Not, perhaps this lesson was not shared. There is (or was?) a bug, when you can take unshared lesson by ‘the next lesson’ link on your workdesk.

lesson1 — shared
lesson2 — shared
lesson3 — unshared
lesson4 — shared

In Linrary only lessons 1, 2, and 4 are shown. But if you take the first lesson, read it, click on ‘the next lesson from this collection’, you get lesson2. And then — lesson3, although it is not shared.

I will defer to Alex or Mark on this one. I am out of my depth.

Thanks, Cakypa! Maybe that is the reason.

And thanks Rasana, a pity you could not be here for one of our Japanese meet ups. but maybe one day in Magnitogorsk!

I haven’t shared this lesson, I really don’t know why you are all able to access my writing, I am extremely confused!!!

@08nessh - It is a bug. We are working on it. Sorry about that.