Writing TOEFL

Hello I’m Mark.

I want to prepare for TOEFL writing part. The problem is I cannot check own writing myself.

Can I send my writing to Tutors here?
Who is the best tutor to check and give me opinions about my writing? (He not need to check all of my stupid grammatical mistakes)

I’ve spent to study English for 2 years. I have failed 4 times during my studying. I don’t want to be hurt because of this failure again. It’s painful. Anyways, I have to move on. Please help me.

Thank you very much.

If you pay, I don’t see why not ;D. If you can, try to find a tutor who’s familiar with TOEFL and what exactly the test is looking for in writing.

Don’t feel bad about failing it, I remember taking a practice exam once and it was extremely difficult! And I’m a native English speaker. I don’t know how they expect anyone to pass a language test that a native speaker has such trouble with…

Redeian, apart from testing your skills with tutors, a great way to improve your writing is reading a lot.
The more you read, the more you usually write better.
And if you read the type of texts you have to write in the toefl exam, it’s much better for your preparation.

Hi redian! I agree with Oscar…read, read, read. I also would strongly suggest that a part of your study time be devoted to copying English text. Pick some easy texts and begin copying them, either by typing or writing. The physical aspect of writing I think is best, but just my opinion. I feel it has given my brain better “hooks” to grab onto in regards of grammar, syntax, punctuation, etc. I spend about 10 to 15 minutes a day copying and writing texts. It has also greatly improved my ability to spell correctly when using Skype.

If you are limited with your finances, then I suggest you find a few partners in Skype to do an exchange with you. I have a few such Russian partners. We share time speaking and listening in each others language and we share written material for correction. I think this experience on Skype has also greatly helped with listening and speaking…but also WRITING…which is what you need for TOEFL. If you don’t have it, Skype can be downloaded and used for FREE !!! :slight_smile: good luck redian!

Hi Lingqers !
Which kind of texts do we need to read to train for Toefl? And Toeic?

I appreciate your kindness. Now I feel more energetic. I will follow your advices. I will take a TOEFL text again next month. I know it’s not enough time to learn everything, but I have no more time. I will do my best.

Yes, I have a little financial problem, but I still need a instructor who are good at TOEFL skill in order that I walk into right way. Having a partner and communicating through Skype is also a very good idea. I will do it for sure. I think I will begin read news in The New York Times website, because it might have a lot of academic vocabularies which are appeared in TOEFL writing, even though it’s a little difficult for me.

My Skype name is “redeian”. Sometime we would talk together.

Do you know a name of tutor who is good at TOEFL?

Thank you very much.

I would say any quality newspaper is good to read - particularly The New York Times as redeian is doing, The Economist, The Times (UK) and The Guardian (UK).

All of those use are very well written with a wide range of vocabulary for you to absord. A technique I find very useful is to follow just one topic, say, the Olypmics in the newspapers for a week or so, that way you are repeating a lot of the new vocab with every article you read. It’s easier to remember the new words and you see the same words used in different ways.

nia o

Thank you. your advice is so useful. I have tried read one particular topic, I can remember new word very quickly. I found the same words without boredom of reading repeatedly.