Writing tips in Italian on how to use LingQ

Ok, after receiving a message from a new LingQ member who wants to learn Italian but is having problems with the functioning of the site, I have decided that, beside continuing writing my two series “An Italian in Sofia”, uploading audiobooks, translating the interface, hosting conversation and correcting writings, I will write “how-to” tips for Italian-speaking people or for learners of Italian.
Hey, great idea! But… where should I start from? Where should I post these pieces of advice: on Posterous, on Google Docs,…? Should I make videos (I hope not…)?
Any suggestion will be appreciated apart from “look at what Vera/Marianne did for German/French”! :smiley:

Uhm, maybe I should write tips in Italian on how to use LingQ for Italian people, and tips in English and other languages on how to learn Italian on LingQ for people willing to learn Italian…

Why don’t you take a look at Vera’s blogs on Posterous? :smiley: But seriously, very informative!

Hi Mike, I would suggest the same to you. Some time ago I asked for translations of my help files into Spanish, and other languages. You offered an italian translation. It would be great to have this kind of advice in all languages. Marianne (leie92) adopted my idea to create some documents for French learners as well. Feel free to take my text, and add the Italian lessons!

Firstly I used Google documents, but recently I created a blog with these information. It’s more convenient than a document.

Here is what I wrote in German for Germans who wants to learn another language: http://sprachenlernen.verasblogs.com/tipps-fuer-lingq-auf-deutsch/

Here is what I wrote for German learners: http://learninggerman.verasblogs.com/
You’ll find on this blog a beginner help in 4 languages with recommondations how to start learning German.

Additional I recorded a short video (in English) about how to start learning German with LingQ: How to start learning German - YouTube

How frustrating is it when nobody listen at what you say??? :wink:

Vera, I will look at your blog posts, which I already know to be very informative and useful, but I fear that, just like for the German library, you have done much more than I feel like doing.
I still can’t imagine how I could read lessons in my languages, add Italian lessons, tutor and be tutored, translate and partially rewrite the Italian interface of the site, do all the other things I have to do AND keep a blog with useful information AND record videos for Youtube. Tell me your secret, please!
Anyway, ok… I’ll first check your blog posts and then decide… but I don’t like the idea of copying it! I remember I offered to translate your help post into Italian, but you said there wasn’t much need for it, that’s why I still haven’t done it.

I have just finished translating Vera’s Help post into Italian, which is now posted on my blog and linked to on my profile.
I will deal with the rest later…
Vera, how can I send you the Italian translation of the post for learners of German?

The world wasn’t built in one day, Rome wasn’t built in one day and I didn’t create these things in one day. Be patient. It’s great, that we now have an active Italian tutor.

There is one problem doing so many things: it reduces the time that I’ve for my own learning. But I enjoy doing these things, and I love to help LingQ.

Thank you for your help! I’ll send you an email with my email address.