Writing Sample 200-250 words

I am looking for a writing sample (composition or essay or letter) written by someone who is a beginner at English (CEF A2, for example).

I am also looking for a writing sample (composition or essay or letter) written by someone who has an advanced level of English (CEF C1, for example).

If you could send me what you might have today, June 2, I’d appreciate it. It is fine to remove the authors name. I am doing an exercise…correcting all errors, correcting only certain errors (so as not to overwhelm) and writing a brief and encouraging note to the student.

I am doing this as an exercise for myself. This is not going to be published anywhere.

Thank you. I hope the day finds you well.

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A wine lover from Greece.

The wine is closely linked with the place produced by generations of people who make it and legends. It has nothing to do with nomadism but always it’s the responsible to go through it hidden truths and sometimes terrible. The wine always says more than you want to know. For this reason, some prefer not to give rise to any suspicion, abstaining from wine consciously. They aren’t idiots or hypocrites, just afraid to come up the surface hidden secrets

Thank you, pafsilipo. If this were about three times longer I could use it for my purposes.

A wine lover from Greece!!!
What more you want. May be you want to continue about wine like an essay. And how big do you want to be. I’m not so good in my english but i’m going to try. I’m just a waiter. If you want another one text like the one before i’ll try to sent you and use it as you like.

Good point. The title of my original post:
“Writing Sample 200-250 words” is clear in the forum but after you click we sort of lose the title as we scroll down the page. At most we see the banner advertisement for Luminosity. :slight_smile: I need a composition of 200-250 words by a beginner or by an advanced user of English.

Thank you pafsilipo. Don’t worry. You sent me 84 words. Thank you. I appreciate your response. You are kind. I will work with some samples that I already have although they are not as extreme as I would have liked. Basically all the work that I have at hand is intermediate and upper intermediate work, nothing very advanced and nothing at the beginner level either.

Have a great day/evening.

Best wishes.