Writing Post Error and Writing Charge

Yesterday I posted my essay which has about 600 words and 669 points were charged into my account as below.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007 11:44PM -669.00 Writing Charge Charge for Writing #2956

Actually, submitted and corrected essay was not that one which I submitted, but one I saved before as my memo which has just 60 words. Besides charged amount was still 669 points.

Could you look into it? I believe this helps other LingQ members as well.

Hi inouemari,

There does seem to be a problem with the writing charge calculation. We will figure out what happened and correct the problem. Sorry about that.

We figured out that you must have submitted your original essay and then clicked on the back arrow and edited it. You then saved 60 words as a draft. However, you had already been charged for the original submission. We are going to make it so people can’t do this in the future.

You should have only been charged 200 points so I have added 469 points to your account.