Writing notification

I’m no longer receiving e-mail notifications when someone submits a writing. I checked on the “settings” page and there’s an option to be notified about conversation requests, but not about writing submissions. Is it possible to fix this? I’ve been a bit late getting to some writing submissions simply because I haven’t realized that a writing has been submitted.

Same problem here, and apparently everywhere. I think it’s on the to-do list.

Sorry about this! It is on the list and we are hoping to have this one fixed soon. In the meantime, the writings should show up on your Timeline on the Learn page.

This might explain why I haven’t received comments on a writing assignment I submitted last week. Can I contact the tutor to see if my submission was received? What is the best way to do this? I hesitate to bother someone who might be busy, ill, or on a short vacation.

@defrno - The writing was sent, but I’m not sure whether your writing corrector has seen it yet. You can post on their wall (either publicly or privately) to ask them if they had a chance to start on the writing yet. :slight_smile:

@defrno Yes, I could see your writing only after an e-mail from Alex and did the corrections yesterday.
The new system isn’t perfect as regards writings yet.