Writing exchange spam or glitch?

Someone must be spamming the writing forum. I received about 130 writing exchange referrals all within a span of about 35 minutes (about 4 per minute or every 15 seconds). Or was it a glitch?

I didn’t look at every one of them, but all of the referrals were apparently from username Milkyway2021.

Other user reported the same issue. I am looking into it. Did emails/notifications stop now?

yes zoran, the barrage of e-mails that I received started today, 14 september, at 7:38 am EST and ended at 8:14 am.

The same was with me - and the most exchange referrals were from ‘milkyway2021’.

Thanks. Looks like it was a temporary bug. We’ll investigate why it happened.

Thank you, zoran