Writing exchange; searching, communicating, roses

Hi, I have several questions:

  1. How can I search the Writing exchange for my own writing? Or someone else’s that I corrected?
  2. How do I reply to comments made by a corrector? Just by posting a new comment?
  3. How do I send a rose to a corrector? I haven’t seen that anywhere, but people mention it. Thanks!
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Yes, your questions are interesting. And I have one more question:
Sometimes I’d like to add something to the someone’s corrections but I can’t find a place to such an addition. I have only an opportunity to make the whole correction again!

@nigello Hello!

  1. You can’t search for writing at the moment. We will look into improving that in future. For now you’ll have to find the writing submission in the list.
  2. Basically the only replies on open writing exchange submission are corrected writings. There is no comments section available.
  3. Roses aren’t available at LingQ anymore. We used to have them, but recently roses were replaced by likes on the forum.

@evgueny40 You can’t do that, but that’s also something we can look into for the upcoming updates.

Thanks zoran, it would really be helpful to be able to search by the name of a person in the writing list. Or at least to narrow the search by choosing a single language and eliminating all other languages, there are so many!