Writing correction - missing categories

I am correcting a writing in Italian and I would need a “Conjunction” field for some conjunction-related mistakes. We have “Preposition”, “Verb”, even “Article”, but not “Conjunction”.
And, about verbs, it would be great to have a “verbal mood” field. One of the most difficult aspects of the Italian languages, even for some Italians, is subjunctive, which is definitely a mood and not a tense. So, if I have to correct the wrong use of indicative instead of subjunctive, I need to select “tense” or “verb”.
Can you add the “Conjunction” (or “linker”) and the “verbal mood” fields?
Thanks a lot,

Didn’t anybody notice this thread? Or didn’t anybody find it worth an answer? :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delayed response!

At the moment, this isn’t high on our priority list, as it affects few people. Perhaps in the future we can look at refining the Writing section of the site.
I think the type of error will be evident from the correction you make. When I correct writings, I tend to use “Other” a lot and rely on the Notes section to explain further if necessary.

Uhm… uhm…
Maybe this affects few people because few people do submit writings on LingQ? (By the way, I still don’t get why writing activities are no longer displayed, while conversations joined are! I guess it will remain a mystery…). Maybe LingQ should work harder on making members aware of the importance of writing?
Sorry if I sound polemical, but I have always had a higher consideration of (correct) written language than many people seem to have. I always suggest my students to write a lot if they want to speak correctly (and not just fluently), which matters more in Italian than in English, I guess. However, very few of them do send me a written text from time to time, maybe because they don’t feel like writing or because sending a text can be too expensive.

We do encourage writing, and periodically have promotional offers to emphasize the importance of writing.
I guess what I meant to say was that we’re not sure the thing holding people back from writing is incomplete categories for correction. We will, of course, continue to promote writing as a major way to improve your language abilities.

Of course, people don’t refrain from writing because of the missing categories! :slight_smile: