Writing comments in the forum: spaces vs. carriage returns

Does anybody else have trouble typing comments into the forum from a browser? Every time I hit , the cursor goes to the beginning of the line. Like the editor is translating spaces to carriage returns. I have to type comments in a text editor then copy/paste.

A while ago I think it was Zoran who talked about new forum software coming to LingQ some day. I’m looking forward to that!


I can’t seem to reproduce that issue. What browser are you using?

Firefox on Windows.


I have the same problem in firefox, and have for several weeks, I think. My work around is to hit a letter, then backspace in front of that letter. Then I can type normally. I delete that fake letter when I’m done. As long as I type one character behind that, I have no problem.


I don’t have the problem in Chrome. Just in Firefox.

You’re right, that’s working for me too. Thanks! I think I did notice it starting a few weeks ago as well.

I have also been having this issue on Firefox.

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Yeah, this is what I’ve been doing as well. A fix would be nice though.

Firefox on Mac as well. (I switched to Chrome for writing).

Thanks everyone, I asked our team to look into it.


Zoran, it looks like this issue is fixed now. Please pass on my thanks to your team!