Writing Charge?


I see the following deduction of points in my account:
February 18, 2010 -360.00 Writing Charge #18875

I thought when I signed up for my course it included the submission of writing to be correcteed by my tutor so I am unclear as to why additional pts were deducted.

Thank you.

Hi Jacqui,

When you sign up for a course it does include a certain amount of writing but, in fact, right after you pay for the course, the points for writing are put back into your account since all writing that gets submitted must be paid for with points. That is just the nature of the system. Rest assured you are not paying twice for writing. If you look at your transactions on your points page you will see that at the same time as you paid for your course, you were given points for writing and for speaking. The speaking points are immediately used to pay for your 4 conversations but the points for writing are left in your account until you spend them.

It is a little confusing but that is how it has to work within our system.