Writing as a form of active practice

Haven’t had much time lately since uni is taking over my life again. Today i picked up some resources i read previously here on LingQ. And having both russian and english versions, each written by a native speaker in that language (if you know how to search you can find ebooks in multiple languages). This way i can paragraph by paragraph, only knowing the english version, write a translation in russian, and then compare it with the russian version.
I feel like it has been quite beneficial so far (i don’t struggle as much since i have a decent reading level in russian), not only getting more comfortable with the russian layout, but also more comfortable building proper phrases and working with the cases.

This also feels like almost having a personal tutor 24/7 that corrects your writing prompts instantly (of course not as good, but good enough for now)

Have you tried something like this before and has this helped you?

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Sure, I used to write a journal in Italian. I haven’t written anything in a while though since my objective is mainly reading and listening comprehension. Unless you have a decent vocabulary, it can be quite grueling, at least in the beginning.

It’s basically active recall. Just like when studying, re-reading multiple times is nice and all, but recall is what speeds things up and solidifies what you know.

PS - the Russian layout is just… something else :slight_smile:

If you want, you can practice typing here. You can choose the Russian layout in the settings among others.

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Thank you! I remember looking at this resource some time ago, this will definetly speed up the writing, although i don’t have too much trouble. I also agree you need a good amount of vocab, otherwise it would be better to pick certain lessons, study them first and then try to translate a day or 2 later.

“if you know how to search you can find ebooks in multiple languages”

Where do you get/buy the ebooks to use at LingQ?

You can get some for example at amazon, you just really need 1 book in 2 languages and it will last you ages if you use it to practice writing.

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I will try this. It looks amazing to improve writing and vocabulary skills.

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