Would you like to be a guest blogger on my 'interactive' blog?

You may know that I am busily editing and publishing stories on my blog


I have written elsewhere about it (http://www.lingq.com/forum/4/33744/?page=1#post-187276) and would love it if one (ideally more than one) of you were prepared to publish a polished piece of writing about language learning of your own on the blog. It could also be writing about writing. Those are the two categories I’d love see brought to life by guest writers.

Please think about it.


Please bear my question in mind! Some of you will have seen today’s stories as a First Draft, they were among the ones I wrote when I began my project. I hope you notice an improvement and still like them!

The blog has been going for a month now, longer than many of my previous little adventures. In addition to a tale about what happened to Tante Helga and Onkel Hans, I did a teensy-weensy bit about language learning for today. (Thank you @Paule89 for inspiring me!) My one and only guest blogger so far isn’t yet happy with her text and so it’s all me on there still, I’m afraid.

I would like to do a post. I can’t give a commitment right away, as to when I can have something to you, but I would like to prepare a little something.( It might take me four or five weeks before I can do it ) What kind of length are you looking for? Also, I would suggest asking Pondup and Kiwojima about this, as they have each written some pretty interesting information here, in the forum thread I am linking to. I wonder if this is exactly the kind of thing you have in mind! Rediscovering The Beginner Stage - Language Forum @ LingQ


I would love you to do a post. As to length, how long is a piece of string? Some of my stories are veritable novellas in their own right, others short and sweet. You have to be happy with what you are writing, that’s the most important bit! Thank you also for suggesting that I get in touch with @kimojima and @pondup individually. Will do! EDIT: Done!

Excellent, I will start gathering ideas so I will know what to write about. . I am glad you contacted Kimojima and Pondup!

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