Would you ever go on a blind date?

Would you ever go on a blind date?
I’m not sure what exactly the question means. Does it mean “Have you ever gone on a blind date?”

It is more about the future.

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Yes, it’s more about the future.
The similar meaning as: Would you like to go to a blind date?

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The “ever” in a question generally means: “is this something that you have done - even just one single time?”

In the conditional…hmm…it’s hard to explain…it somewhat intensifies the question.

It’s kind of like saying: “would you REALLY consider doing this?” Or: “are there circumstances where you would consider doing this?”

Maybe I should share this on a language learning forum, but…

Yes, I have gone on a blind date, but I wouldn’t do so again. She showed up with a cane and wearing sunglasses.



看過你只有294個英文單詞,所以我會給你中文的回答……希望你明白 啊哈 中文是你的母語,而不是我的

這個“would you”的意思是……“有機會的話,會不會?”

如果你有去blind date的機會,會不會去? 想不想?有介意嗎?

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沒有才能,就是ChinesePod 和 LingQ! 這些11天在LingQ上學會572個單詞。 好厲害的軟體


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