Would you consider this to be fluent?


to make it short, started Greek from scratch on my own 15 months ago. Now I can read the news without translating the texts, listen to native podcasts and watch standups, films and series without subtitles (I’d say I understand 98% of what is being said and can guess unknown words from context). I also can read astrophysics and psychology books without need of translation. I listen to songs and understand almost everything, the same goes with rap… I have one weekly hour lesson with my tutor on Italki, I can hold a conversation and talk about almost any subjects (I still look for a couple words sometimes) . Just wondering if you would consider that level B2 and also conversationally fluent ?



I have no idea what other more knowledgeable people would say, but my view is that you are fluent in comprehension and I assume reading too. A Korean friend who lived in England for 30 years from age 15 was clearly fluent in English but could not understand English language films. I cannot comment on your spoken Greek.

You can look up the definitions of the common language levels - A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 - to give you an idea of one measure of attainment.