Would like to IMPORT a specific section of a YouTube video

Hi Everyone, There is a 39 minute YouTube video (an episode from a movie series). Within that episode there is a 1 minute sequence (a song) that I would like to import. Is there any way to do so without importing the entire episode? (this is my very first posting to the LingQ forums). Thanks!

No, that’s not possible at the moment. You can only import the complete video.

It actually is possible, just not with lingq tools alone and it takes some effort. Use a youtube addon to extract the audio into an mp3 file and use ffmpeg to cut out the audio you want.

In order to get to the subtitles from youtube use the 3 dots next to “SAVE” that says “show transcript” and when that displays use the 3 dots on top to remove time stamps. Copy and paste what you need into a lesson and add the shortened mp3 to the lesson later on. If you want to, you can create time stamps after adding audio.

For downloading video from youtube I use the firefox addon: “yD - youtube video and audio downloader”, I suspect there are others.

Caveat: I know nothing of the windows environment, I work from Linux. Windows should have the same kinds of tools though. Good luck.

P.S. Use How to Download YouTube Subtitles as Text & Transcript Files | Rev to get a detailed description of subtitles if you need it.