Would I be colorblind?

Being fully colorblind is extremely rare and you would probably know if you had it. Being partially colorblind is another matter altogether.

I post this, because it might help others who, like me, do not know of being colorblind. According to information about colorblindness, most people who are colorblind, don’t know.

If you have any doubts or just don’t know, there are online colorblindness tests you can use. Repeat them a few times to get a reliable outcome. At least then you will know.

I recently discovered that I am colorblind. You might be wondering how in heaven’s name I could not know that. Well, it’s easy. I see all the colors, they are just a little different from what other people see, and I had no idea.

I had a bit of a falling out with Lingq support because I could not get the themes to work for me. Specifically, new words, and most of the statusses. They are just almost or entirely invisible.

After a few times to and fro, they inquired about being blue-yellow colorblind, so I tested and it turns out, I am. That does not mean I don’t see colors. I do. They are just different. Also, contrast is extremely important, and the new color schemes are missing contrast.

Lingq offered to include the same schemes for color blind people. This would involve a toggle to show different themes if one has some form of color blindness.

I can’t wait to finally start using LIngq as I did before introduction of themes.

I hope this helps someone.