World Radio News

I have found a great language resource at: Radio Broadcasters | Encompass Digital Media.

It is a website that allows you to create playlists from real-time streamed international radio sites. You can choose to start the day listening to the French language news from China, then move on to the German language news from Poland, before finishing up with Russian language news from Japan. Furthermore, there are ready-made playlists for each language. You can play the Russian language “Network” and listen to the Russian language broadcasts from all round the world. I am listening to Slovak radio in Russian as I write this.

If you create a free account then you can not only save your settings, you can download programmes in mp3 form. No transcripts, so for advanced learners or for people who want to hear news from different countries in their own languages.

Also, because it is World Radio, the announcers speak clearly and assume you are not a native listener.

No Echo Moskvi, though they accept suggestions for stations so I may suggest it. It may not count as world radio.

Yes, Helen, please suggest it! If we vote here for the future languages, why wouldn’t I vote for the (ONLY?) serious Russian station not funded by the Russian State!

The Russian State is currently (ONLY !) one party - no opposition state. It is even unclear how Echo Moskvy, which does not flatter the majority of the population, or may be annoys the majority of the population, manages to be culturally rich, serious, critical, and a great language resource!

Aren’t I trying to drag the mother of the three, so happy with Doctor Who, into dirty politics?

I can’t comment on Echo Moskvy’s politics until I can work out what they’re saying, but I like the fact that they provide transcripts for their interviews. According to Steve, anyway. I can’t find my way round their website, so I have to take his word for it :wink:

thank you! this site is great! when they had their choices for a basic, 7 day, and 30 day account i thought maybe you had to pay for the latter two but i went for 30 day anyway and it ended up being free! i’ve been trying to find some good radio for my languages for a while now too…

I’ve listen to the German channel. The speaker was not native and had an obvious accent.

Here are some lnks to lists of radio stations where you can choose between a lot of radio stations.