Words the not make sense when translated

how do you deal with words that not can or not make sense in your language ? do you use the monolingual dictionary on lingq ?

If it’s a noun, go to google images and search for it.

If some other word, find a good dictionary.

I mentioned at the time of forming flashcards. website crashes

@davidmelo - Yes, the flashcards are not working right now. We should have them working again shortly.

Do you mean words that do not make sense in the target language? I struggle with that also, but look for context within a sentence or phrase. Even then, I find words that I just cannot figure out and it’s time to post in the forum! :wink: I have also found what I suspect are misspellings, but not sure if they will be corrected if reported?

i mentioned about words with haven’t translation to another language . don’t have the equivalent word. so , i’ve to make flashcards monolinguals and i think lingq not is very good with cards monolinguals chiefly with whole phrases

It all depends on the language you are talking about. In that case make use of a learner’s dictionary in order to get a good definition.

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i use this http://learnersdictionary.com/

There are lots of dictionaries built in to LingQ. Just click the Search button to search the default dictionary or check other dictionaries from the yellow widget by clicking the View Dictionary button and clicking Edit Settings. You can then choose from the available bilingual or monolingual dictionaries by just changing the dictionary language.

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