Words that stay blue

I repost something I noted in another thread, and I provide a lesson in which the problem occurs, so you can reproduce it easily:

I noted this week that one or two words in each lessons can’t be changed into linqs. Although they turn yellow when I press enter, they turn back into blue when I refresh the page. No matter how many times I refresh the page, those words remain blue no matter what. It happened during the last four lessons at least. Each time this happens, I edit the lesson to remove the word, and add a fake word (for instance “ddd”), and then I press X to remove the word, so the system will consider the lesson completed.

Here I provide a fake lesson in which the word 依然と is still blue and cannot be converted.

However, in this other fake lesson, the word in question is yellow.

I hope this helps you. I suppose you are able to consult those lessons impersonating my user to see which words are blue and which word are yellow.

Ah, I see you did link to a lesson now. Thanks for this :slight_smile: I opened up the lesson in a test account, scrolled down to the bottom and clicked the button to move all the blue words to known. I refreshed the lesson and it doesn’t seem that any words are still highlighted in blue. Would you check this lesson again and let us know if it’s still highlighted in blue? If so, please send us an email and we’ll follow up from there!

It is still blue. I sent to you some other details by email.

I might have found the source of the problem, or how to reproduce it anyway. If you take a look at this lesson , the first occurence of 依然 と is yellow for me, but the second is not. The difference is that space before the と. Now, the space does not exist when I edit the lesson. It seems that when the word is between other words, the system might decide to consider them as a single word, but then when a user tries to save the word, it is already in the database, but with a space, so it won’t be accepted? Anyway, that’s just speculation. I just noticed the space.

Thanks, this is very helpful! I’ve been able to reproduce this, and will pass this one onto our development team.

Alex, here’s another very short instance of the problem. The lesson contains only 3 characters, which form a word in yellow. Yet, the system believes the lesson still contains a blue word. I splitted my current lesson in half again and again until I got to this most simplest form.

Hmm, in this case there is a 》 character that is separating ゆる and さ. Were you trying to save a phrase? Typically phrases don’t support punctuation, so I wonder if that’s the problem here.

The other one you reported is definitely something that is unintended though, and we’ll hopefully have that one fixed soon :slight_smile:

I agree this example looks dubious, although the thing is, in Japanese, it happens very often that a word with a less known kanji in it wiil insert the syllabic equivalent just after the kanji, so the word is kind of messed up with the quotes. But yes, those 3 characters form a legit word. Now, I understand the problem it causes, and I would not mind to drop this word, but what bothered me was that I had to spend like 10 minutes to find that it was this word that blocked me from completing the lesson. I had to save chunks of the lesson like 15 times.

In the future, I’ll try to remember this special case so I will know what to look for.

I still happens from time to time. In my current lesson, the simple “そうそう” (this is the whole phrase) stays blue when I refresh the page. I was wondering, was there any progress on that subject?, and in any case, is there a way I can add manually the word to the known word list? I don’t know, is there a section where we can edit the word list? I ask just in case. I would’nt mind to do that in another tab; just adding words I don’t care about. In fact, I have no idea if those words are successfully saved or not, or if the problem comes when the system renders the lesson.

Yeah, I believe I may have mentioned it somewhere in another thread, but it’s an issue that arose when we made an update to the Japanese splitter some time back. We’ll just have to manually go in and fix these, so please let us know about any that you come across, along with the lesson where the word appears. :slight_smile:

I’ve noted down this latest one and we’ll look at getting this fixed soon!

Thks Alex