Words read/LingQs learned

Would be really cool to have stats like words read/LingQ learned. Would show the rate at which we’re learning, which would be cool. Words read/known words would be nice, too. Obviously can calculate these on my own, but would be a cool feature to have in the statistics section.

In my situation, the rate of words learned/read seems to be always the same: approximately 0.83%. So I think there is no need for this.

I think it would be helpful! At least, it would help me visualize my progress differently. Over the past three months, Russian = 0.6% and Korean = 1%. I think it could be bc I learned these languages differently (had more knowledge of and practice in Korean than Russian before I started LingQ, and basic knowledge of Russian when I started LingQ). Could also think of it in terms of words read per word learned, so like I need to read 96 words to learn a word in Russian–motivating in a way.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. We’ll see what we can do.

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