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I noticed in Japanese my words read are increasing way faster than they should be, I just did a lesson that I know has roughly 500 words in it, yet my words read counter increased by 2700? any ideas?

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Read this Thread for the answer you are looking for:


Hi LingQ Team

I don’t worry too much about statistics as such, I’m generally happy as long as I am making some steady progress, but I was surprised when I checked my stats as I have only been doing Norwegian for approx 3 months but my words read is showing way over 3 billion words … :slight_smile:

All time - Words Read 3,086,309,634
Last 7 days Words Read 478,924,534

I suppose I should be fairly fluent by now … hehe, I wish !!!
Thanks, br, Frank

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Hi Zoran / LingQ Team

Is there a fix for this in the pipeline for inflated word count?

As mentioned last weekend, I had astronimical figure for words read in Norwegian, are you guys able to correct or reduce that?

All time - Words Read 3,086,309,634
Last 7 days Words Read 478,924,534

I have tried to adjust number this afternoon and this is the result now on ‘All time’ … ???

=>> Words Read -2800345261 -3279263321

Not sure what’s happening there …

Thank you, br Frank

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Hi Asad

Thanks for your message, much appreciated for your attention there and feedback welcome.

However, I’m not convinced that particular thread gives a clear ‘answer’ at all, but just simply re-iterates the general issue, there’s a problem with the way v5.0 counts words read.

I had read that thread before. I had well over 3 Billion words read, which I think is more-or-less impossible in 3 months no matter how many times I flick back and forth for Beginner lessons in a new language.

This is a side issue which won’t stop me studying with LingQ, but hopefully someone in LingQ Team can confirm if this is a current ‘action point’ under investigation or who maybe in the meantime can assist to correct that astronomical figure for me to a more realistic value?

Best regards, Frank

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@FrankG I checked your stats and your all-time Words of Reading number is 341403. I see that you did manually adjusted the number and reduced it a lot in the last week. Did you maybe by mistake add that big number earlier?

Hi Zoran

Thanks for your reply.
I’m pretty sure that I did not add 3 billion words to my stats, even accidentally, and cannot understand how it could get so incredibly high.

I had noticed though that occassionally the lesson stats look grossly inflated. For example for one beginner1 lesson, when I had completed it, the lesson stats showed it had been read x41 times which was nowhere near accurate, so I have recently watched out for this and reduced that to more reasonable value, e.g x4.

I have noticed other threads with similat themes, so assume this is under investigation. It is not a critical issue for me, but caught me by surprise and that’s why I reported it, but I’m happy to wait for fix/update.

Best regards, Frank

Thanks Frank, I’ll look into it.