Words Read

Hi everyone. Is the “words read” count meant to go up as you read lessons, or do I need to add them manually?

It goes up automatically.


Thanks for the response. For some reason none of the lessons i’ve done today have counted towards it.

I see that you have 9951 words read this week, and 3571 words read for yesterday when you started this thread.
Also, note that the number updates automatically once when you complete a lesson. So you need to complete it in order to add number of words in it into words read stats.

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Ah, well the first lesson I completed didn’t show up in my words read (just the listening stat) the 2nd one which was much longer did though.

I think you not only need to finish reading a lesson, but also lingq and mark each word for it to count as having read it – someone correct me on that if I’m wrong.