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I was wondering what kind of goals people here have regarding the read words count. I believe this metric to be more important than the known words count.

I would be interested to know, if there are any studies or estimates on how many read words it takes to read yourself from 0 to mastery through mass immersion.


Yes, a good goal is 1 - 2 million words read. That’s about 10 - 20 books. 1 million to get you into the upper intermediate levels. And 2 million to get you past the Advance 2 level. So, technically, “to mastery” as you put it, would be 2 mill +


Ive only been on LingQ for 7 months so I haven’t reached high numbers but I agree with t_harangi that 2 million is a good goal. And i also agree that words read is a better measure. I tend to mark words as known but then forget them so for Me it Isn’t a real great indicator of the language but it does help.

I have been giving a good thought to this topic as well.

If you scroll trough leaderboards, going to long periods of time (6 months and +) you will realize that people with 2-3.5 million words read can be considered fluent and most likely placed somewhere between C1 and C2 (European framework wise)

Given that, I set my daily goal on 10.000 read words per day (±4.000).

Of course I am also listening whilst reading on half that word count, plus listening to an extra hour or two per day of podcasts outside lingq. My goal is to reach fluency in german around next fall.

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Where on the leaderboard do you see words read? When I look I just see LingQs, words known, and streak.

I agreed with t_harangi. My goal is to reach two million words read. I am also a full time student in Germany can not devote all the time to learning German language. Therefore, within the next one year I would like to achieve my target goal it could be achieved slowly or quickly depending on my academic workload and the availability of time. I am trying my best and be consistent with my language studies. However, my degree will be finished within that time frame and hopefully, at the same time if I can get some sort of fluency in the language, that will be awesome.

click on community and then on my profile. There you have your stats in more detail.

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2 million eh? I’m sitting at 559,318 Words of Reading with 63,614 known words and 35,494 LingQs
Still got a ways to go…

I think I’ll be at a pretty good spot once I hit 75k known words.

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Hi t_harangi,

You said you read a couple of books in German with a bilingual translation after that you had ditched this method altogether and focused on reading solely without using an external crutch. Did you do your reading only in sentence mode or without it or mixture of both sentence mode+ regular reading (comprehending German texts directly). Please share your feedback regarding this. Thanks

Well, I have 86k known words and 1.5 million read words. Depending on the difficulty of the text, I still have about 3-4% unknown words for light literature and maybe 10% or even more for complicated literature (the number reates to remaining Lingqs after I read the text and converted the blue words into known words or lingqed them). This is still a far away from mastery. Also polyglotery is not high on my list of priorities. I am prepared to put all my efforts into this one language, since I live as a foreigner in that country. So I am ready to go far beyond 2 million words. I dont just want to be able to read well, I also want to be well read.

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I know i can see my reading stats. Just wondering if I could see other peoples reading stats.

Good question. I dont think so.

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You can see a persons reading stats if you click on their profile and then change the default “Last Week” stat setting to “All Time” very much like you would on your own stats.


With German, I did two books with comparative reading and after that I was just using the LingQ interface to read along and look up / mark words while listening to the audio version. I really only use sentence mode every once in a while. I think it’s a very useful tool, but I only end up using it if I’m really stumped on a sentence. Otherwise I like to read continuously.


Same goal here. When I said “I’ll be at a pretty good spot” I was talking about the point where you no longer needed to rely on a dictionary as often and your reading becomes more fluid and uninterrupted.

That’s almost a 9 to 1 words read to words known ratio. Did you have previous experience in the language? That’s real good. I’m at around 43 to 1 ratio.

Yes, I have half-heartedly tried to learn the language for some time, before getting on Lingq. Also I am very generous when it comes to marking words as known. If I recignize it in the moment of reading, the word becomes known. This doesnt mean, that I would actually relaibly be able to reproduce it, when I am on my own, away from the computer. But when I am reading, I hardly ever have to switch a known word back to unknown.