Words read are inflated

Hi, since a few days I noticed that the word read count are really inflated, is it a bug? In a page where I read 200 words it updates to 600 words! I hope you can fix this bug fast since the words read are an important metric to see someone`s improvement.

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I’m not looking at the numbers but i can feel it is much easier to reach the daily goal since the last “update” of the site. Whem they manage to make things easier, it is in a bad way :frowning:

The iOS app doesn’t inflate the numbers, so I’ve been using that.


Thanks for reporting. @diogobaptista Can you please provide an example lesson in which you noticed the mentioned issue? Thanks.

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I imported an ebook, and on the first lesson I read only 200 words and on the metric it counted 600 words, so 3x the words I read. Normally I struggle to read 4k words and yesterday I read easily 10k words.

We were able to reproduce the issue, Our developers are working on it.


Thank you!

I opened an ebook - because it defaulted to page view, it immediately counted the entire page as "read"within the 3 seconds it took me toopen sentence view.

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I’ve encountered the same issue. Every lesson I complete it says I read it 3x or 4x. Thank you for addressing the issue, looking forward to it being fixed.

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