Words on lingq app not highlighted (neither blue nor yellow)

While using the Lingq website, all is well. All words appear either blue or yellow, however, when using the app, about half of the words don’t appear highlighted and have lost all memory of the Lingqs I have saved. What is going on? This makes the app of no value to me

Hi Woods_Warrior,
I am sorry to hear that. Are you using Android or iOS app?

You don’t have any known words?

I am using the Ios app, and as I just started greek this week, I have zero known words

OK, good luck :slight_smile:

The iOS app works perfectly for me.

Can you please try to reinstall the app and check if that will help? Thanks.

I just tried that, it did not work.

Woods_Warrior, I haven’t seen this behavior in the app before. Can you clarify what you mean when you say the words don’t appear? For example:

Does it matter where you initially create these disappearing lingqs, web vs. app?
Do those disappearing words still appear on the website, or were they there before and are now gone?
Do the words appear on the vocabulary page on web or mobile?
When you initially create the lingqs in the app, are they initially yellow, and then the next time you open the lesson they disappear?
Are you working offline?

In order to help us fix this issue, could you please:

  1. Log out of the app (tap your username in the side menu on the home screen)
  2. Log back in
  3. Open a problematic lesson
  4. Create some lingqs and take a screenshot
  5. Close the lesson
  6. Open the same lesson and check which lingqs are missing and take a screenshot
  7. Email us from the app (Tap top left corner on home screen → Settings → Email Support) and include your screenshots and note which lesson(s) you opened.

Please do all of this without quitting the app so that it can generate consistent log data. That will be included in your email and will help in debugging the issue.