Words not wrapping on iPad mini

I’ve updated to the latest version of the app and when reviewing flashcards in landscape long words get cut off rather than wrapping. However, they do wrap correctly in the portrait view.

I should also add that it seems the font size has increased, and quite a few words are wrapping which does make it harder to recognise them. I don’t mind phrases wrapping but there should really be enough space for all but the very longest words.

Would you be able to send us a screenshot of an example of this? I checked briefly and a 16-character word looked to appear properly. What sort of lengths do the words you’re looking at have?

Hi Alex, I’ve sent an email to the support address with a screenshot of portrait and landscape mode. You’ll see in the latter that the last few letters are missing. The word isn’t especially long.

Thanks! As mentioned, we’ll look at getting this updated in our next release. :slight_smile:

Great thank you! :slight_smile:

Seems to be fixed with the latest update. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes, sorry, I wanted to let you know, though I guess you’ve already noticed :slight_smile: