Words not Underlined, not Highlighted, Not "Ignored"

Simple question – when a word is neither highlighted nor underlined with the light dotted line, (and presumably not “ignored”), what does that mean exactly? I see many of these in my lessons, usually simple words I’ve known for a long time, (“un” in Spanish, e.g.) that are not underlined (nor highlighted) in a lesson. I’m wondering if somehow these were never lingq’d and thus don’t go into my lingQ stats, and I need to start turning them into LingQ’s and then “4”-ing them in order to have them count? thanks.

@CTaylor - Those are words you previously marked as known. They are added to your known words total.

Thanks. But what then is the difference between the word with the faint underline and no underline at all?

The dotted underline is a LingQ that you have learned and moved to known. No underline is a word you never LingQed but have called known. Both non-underlined and underlined words make up your known words total.

Note that those with the faint underline can be reverted to lingqs again, in case you forget the word when reading a text.

Can we still see the dotted underline in the recently updated version of LingQ?

I will answer my own question. The words that are ‘known’ no longer appear as underlined. This makes for a cleaner look to the page and also helps me to read the text without depending on words that I have checked as ‘known’ still appearing as though do not know them. I think that this will help me to actually learn more effectively. A good move, therefore, in my opinion.

Some of my know lingQs are underlined and some are not. I can’t figure out a rhyme or reason for it.

Now, if I create a lingQ and mark it as known (4) it’s not underlined.

There was a bit of glitchiness but the word status and underlining should be working properly now. It now works as follows:

  • If you move a word to Status 4 it stays underlined until you click on the 4 and choose never from the popup that opens or you review correctly a status 4 word in the flashcards. Each correct answer moves it from 15 days, to 30 days, to 90 days to never.
  • If it is set to 4 - never it has no underline.
  • If you click on the green check mark in the status bar it moves the word to 4 - never

Thanks Mark! That clears things up for me.

Excuse me, I didn`t find if there is an answer to my problem:

Then I set a word status to 1 it gets yellow.
If later I set a word status to 4 it becomes non-color (but just for a second) and becomes yellow again.
If I press F5 (I`m in FF) the things get right - all ~4-Known~ words are non-color now and underlined.

Am I only the one who have such problem?

@sdom - Sorry for the trouble. This is a known issue and should hopefully be fixed soon!

@sdom - We’ve made some updates to the status bar now. Are you still having these issues?

@mark - It`s all right now, thank you for quick fixing the bug. It works now in a right way.