Words joining together

I’m not sure if this just happens with Finnish (or the website in question), but I’m finding a lot of words are being joined together when I import articles into LingQ from www.hs.fi.

For example, it might say (in Finnish) “the issuewas handled byJohn”.

Has this been reported before from other websites? Is it a known issue?

I’ve had this happen too, from copying and pasting from pdf files and even occasionally from something typed up completely by hand (I like learning the keyboard and I have to be very attentive - now there’s no need to ask why I’d ever do this haha).

I experienced the same problem yesterday on Turkish section.

Which browser? I had recently problems when I import with Firefox. With Internet Explorer the same text was fine.

Right now I’m using IE, but I’m pretty sure the problem has also occurred with FF (at home).

@peter - This typically happens when the formatting of the original text is non-standard. Is there a specific article on that site that you can direct me to where you notice this happening?

I had the same problem of words joining together in an article from Audiria.com.
Source: “Placas Tectonicas”:
Audiria.com - Free and Daily Spanish Podcasts

The article is in the frame below the video.

I used Foxfire 9.0.1 with Windows 7.

@donhamiltontx - This is caused by the strange formatting in the text itself. If you copy it into Notepad then into the Import section it should work properly, but I do see that pasting it directly into LingQ results in some words being merged.

Thanks, Alex.

Did you see anything about the formatting that you could pass along that might alert us which texts are adulterated?
It’s not that using Notepad or some other app is a major production, but it is a tiny bit of a pain.

BTW, because Notepad sometimes comes with its own little problems, I prefer using Notepad++ (freeware, Windows only, so far as I know).

Though nothing I know that works with Windows 7 is quite as good as Geany, a Linux (Ubuntu) app, for this sort of thing. TextMate or TextEdit for Macs might work, too, but I’ve never used either of them on a regular basis to import text into LingQ.

I mention these other apps and OSs not to proselytize, just to let other members know some alternatives, should they choose or be able to use them. My own usual weapon of choice is Windows 7, but I use Linux if it’s more practical or more effective.

In the case of your example, the text is displayed in a strange way on that site. If you view the source you can see that the text isn’t displayed in a normal manner. We hope to address this in a future update.

Btw, I did pass it through TextEdit, but Notepad should do the same thing.

Again, thanks, Alex.

Yes, Alex, I’ve noticed that it tends to do it when there’s a link attached to a word, or if something’s bold etc (I think).

I’ll wash the text in notepad next time.

Consider this issue resolved (for me) unless you hear back from me :slight_smile: