Words in progress bar gone

I remember this once went away and then came back. Now it seems to be away again. I’m a bit disappointed as I like this feature !

To be clear, I’m talking about when in the web browser, you put your cursor on the progress bar and it tells you how many news words, known/learning words are left in the lesson. It lets me know my progress as I move through the lesson which is somewhat the point.

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Lingq seems determined to become worse and worse. Really disappointed that this feature is gone. I assume that since they have not been able to correctly display the Lingqs you move to known for months now, they just turned the unknown words/Lingqs display in the lesson off completely.

What is going on with this Website? It can no longer correctly count words read.
Cannot update number of Lingqs in the lesson and now no longer even shows unknown words or Lingqs.

I looks like they added a new feature on the progress bar that shows total “pages” and progress, e.g. 152/360. but deleted the new words, known/learning words progress. I like the new feature, but miss the old one.

Also it doesn’t seem to save the last location read. If I’m half way through as lesson (I import all my own), the next time I read that lesson, I have to find where I left off. It no longer remembers where I left off. It’s easier to find, though. If I remember the “page” e.g. 152/360, I can easily move the progress bar to that point. Win some, lose some, I guess.

That wasn’t a new feature, that was always there. It does remember on the phone app, (which doesn’t have the toolbar of the web version though.)

Indeed missing the feature, especially now that new words appear while going through a lesson. Even having -1 at the end of a just read chapter is better than not having the numbers at all :disappointed:

Hello, @miriaml5!
Thank you for your message. Be sure the issue will be fixed in a few days.

Yes, please fix that! There is no reason this feature should disappear.