Words cut off when viewing profiles on iPad

I have noticed that I can’t view the full profile on my new iPad. This was happening on my Mac too. But I realized I just needed to hit the bookmark button to view the full page. Any advice on iPad? Thanks in advance.



I, too, noticed that phenomenon.

Thanks for the heads up on this! I’ve noted this to our development team and we’ll look at getting this fixed soon.

You are welcome.

I find it more enjoyable to LingQ on my laptop (and then read later on my i-pad). But look forward to the day when i can lie in bed with my i-pad and lingQ away while i’m reading on the web (in my target language of course)!


Hello Alex,
I see there was a new update to LingQ IOS however it doesn’t look like the cut off words on iPad got addressed. Why? I’m attempting to send example of problem on profiles. Is there an email I can send you this PNG file? Thanks.


James Papasadero

Hi! The updates to the iOS app are independent of the site itself; in the LingQ app for iPad there isn’t currently a way to see your Known Words total, though we are continuing to update the app and are hoping to add this option soon!

The issue you note above is when visiting www.lingq.com in Safari. We did look into this, though a fix was a bit tricky. It’s still on our list, and is something we hope to get to soon. In the meantime we’re actively working on other aspects of the site, and in particular the lesson page, to make it better for mobile users.