Words counter multiplier is messing with my words read

I took this screenshot the other day and didn’t realize it was multiplying the number of words that I was reading. Is there a way to turn this off? I can see how its beneficial for those who reread texts but I just read things once. I may go back to pages to click on a word or something else but I’m definitely not reading the whole page.

This lesson for example shows I have read 1.1x the total word count in the lesson but I’m only on the third paragraph. Not sure how or why its changing my word count past the total words in the lesson.

PPS- So I guess I have to change the multiplier to one for every lesson now? I figured out there’s a timer for each page, so as long as I’m not on it for more than a couple of seconds, it wont count the whole page as read as some lessons start from the very beginning when revisiting them. I couldn’t find a way to default this multiplier to one every time for every lesson. Its screwing up my read word count which is what I use to gauge how much I’ve done for the day.

Yes, you need to set it to 1 if you don’t want to increase your stats. That’s how it works at the moment.

Hi, I’m curious about this “multiplier”. Does it artificially increase the amount of words LingQ believes you have read? (the total words read on your statistics page) I want my overall words read score to be accurate, so do I need to set that multiplier to 1 with every lesson I go through? I’m just a little confused on how it works overall.

Yes, basically you can manually adjust your read/listening counter for a specific lesson. It will also increase automatically +1 every time you complete a lesson.