Words broken up in the middle

I am finding that on the LingQ app words are now often broken randomly, in the middle. I am sure that previously the app always made sure that no word was broken - it would start a new line if a word was likely to be broken. Has something changed recently? Thanks!

Hmm, I don’t know that anything has changed on our end. Would you let us know which lesson(s) you’re referring to? This will help us to investigate further :slight_smile:

Alex that’s a hard one. We’re talking about a lot of LingQs here, some of which were created a while back and used to wrap fine but now have started to break up. It’s not every single LingQ but it is a large number.

Ah, I see. In that case, a screenshot would help to get a better idea of what you’re seeing and hopefully then help us to get a better idea of how to fix it :slight_smile: You can send a screenshot to support (at) lingq.com.

Thanks Alex - I have emailed a screenshot.

Alex - this doesn’t seem to have been fixed. Do you have an update please? Thanks.

Hi! Fixes for the mobile apps take a little longer, since they have to be slotted into the version releases then, in the case of iOS, approved by Apple.

3.2 is still waiting for approval from Apple, and we weren’t able to squeeze this fix in there. Fortunately it should be fixed in 3.2.1, which will follow approximately a week later :slight_smile:

thanks Alex