Word Translations

When I have used this website in the past I would simply mouse over a word to find the meaning, but now it does not do that. Did lingq remove this feature? Or is there just something wrong with my computer?

I find I have to click the word to see its translation, I don’t know whether we can still simply hover.

yeah I found that to. I’d like it if they made that possible again because I used to have the whole translation for the text right next to it so I could see the variation of what the words meant in context compared to the definitions by themselves.

You have to close the sidebar on the right. Than you have this feature again.

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Danke, Vera! Closing the sidebar does help with hovering…

My daughter prefers this method much more than to click on each word …

Hm, I prefer to use the arrow keys to move from one unknown word to another. It’s just one small finger movement while reading the text.I find it very useful. It looks like I read the text from one unknown text to another. When the word is know, another finger presses “k”. I find it very useful.