Word status is not increasing properly

according to your help on status, each time I press “ok” on a flashcard without seeing the hint or phrase, the status is increaded by 1/2. But I got only one word, made a flashcard for it, clicked ok and came back to the vocabulary to start it all again. I made this three times for the same word, but the status hasn’t changed.
When I use a bunch of flashcards and pass them twice in a row, it works as expected.

I saw that particular piece of information only today, and although I felt that it might work in that way (I have experienced some unexpected changes in both directions), I still go through my pile of words twice in a row, just to “make sure” that the words I really reach a new level.

However, it is only an estimate. I have gone through “status 4” words, had to degrade some of them (as I didn’t “know” them anymore), found that my “known words” that day get a negative value et.c. Not a big problem, though.

Hi Ana and Jeff,

The status adjustment process in the flashcards is not perfect but it generally works and helps move your words along to known as you test them. It has a few quirks which we will eventually address. Obviously, you are free to manually adjust the word status anytime you like.