Word Review "Sort by" definitions


I was wondering what each of the options under “Sort by” mean.

A-Z, Z-A, and creation date are pretty self-explanatory.

Status and importance are not. How are those calculated?

My guess is that “Status” is an arrangement of the ones that are most overdue in the SRS system, or the ones that are at the lowest familiarity setting, or some combination of the two.

I think “Importance” is arranged according to how often that word appears in the language. If so, is there a database the “frequency list” is drawn from?

Could someone shed some light on this please? It would look to me that if my definitions are close and you have a few thousand lingqs (I have 3,000), it may be best to focus on “Importance” rather than the other settings.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!

As you have mentioned, A-Z and Z-A and Creation Date sorting is pretty much clear so no need to explain that. :slight_smile:

If you sort words by Status, words with Status 1 will appear at the top of the list, then Status 2 words and so on.

Sorting by Importance will list the words that worth 4 coins on the top, and they are exactly what you said - words that appear in a language most frequently. Importance is determined by the frequency with which a specific term occurs in the content in our Library

That makes sense. So I guess LingQ has a database of each language and counts how many times a particular word appears in their material, and it uses that to prioritize the “Importance” category.

Do you know the sub-algorithm below words with status 1? It appears to be some sort of alphabetized list.

Does Steve or anyone have any recommendations on which review setting to use once you have a lot of lingqs? I know at the end of the day it’s up to what the individual learner wants to focus on, but to me it seems there is greater utility focusing on the important words as opposed to the least known words.