Word processing in Japanese

I’m sure there is a simple and obvious answer to this problem, I can’t see it…

Which is the easiest package / file type to use for word processing in Japanese? I have been using Open Office and creating Shift-JIS extended text files, but they don’t display and page properly on my Cowon J3. All other types of text files, when I open them again on my PC, don’t display properly and sometimes don’t display any text at all.

I’m not sure what a Cowon J3 is… an e-reader? Anyway, I would try encoding the files as UTF-8 instead as it is much more likely to be compatible with whatever you decide to use it with. You should be able to do this with any text editor, including Open Office. I assume you are doing this in Windows? You could even try making the text file in Notepad.

Good luck.

According to the COWON J3 Wiki:

  • 日本語が文字化けする
    COWON J3はハングルwindowsを基準にして開発された機器です。

  • Japanese characters not displayed properly
    COWON J3 is a device developed based on Korean Windows.
    For this reason, special fonts and language specific characters may not be displayed correctly.

Mmm…I’ve had trouble before with the firmware for e-readers not supporting Japanese properly.

The Cowon J3 is an mp3 player which also displays text documents, and, as it’s backlit, is easier to read in low light conditions (like when I’m trying to get the kids to bed) than my ereader.

OK, I can put all my Japanese files on my ereader, I just wondered if I was choosing a stupid text encoding.

I’ll try UTF-8. Thanks for all the advice!