Word 'Importance'

I noticed in the vocabulary section that you can sort words according to ‘importance’. Is this gauged by the frequency it appears in the language as a whole, or in your own personal material? Or, how is the level of importance gauged according to LingQ?

Also, do you feel it is valuable to hone in on your top ten most ‘important’ words in order to focus in on getting their definition? I’m sure it depends on your personality and as Steve always says, it mainly depends on what you enjoy doing. Lately though, I have been going through my top ten ‘important’ words that I have not yet marked as known. What I like to do is then pull the words up in Context Reverso and copy several of the sentences it uses the word in so that I see it in a few different contexts. It also encourages me to write and copy, which is something I kind of like doing anyway. It seems by doing this it has helped me to retain some of those…perhaps stubborn words that pop up frequently while reading and yet every time I was hitting them I still couldn’t remember the meaning. You know the feeling…when you hit a word you know you have looked at the definition for 100 times but for the life of you, you cannot remember what it means. It seems that copying that word down through writing it in several different sentence contexts has helped me to retain some of those trouble words.