Word Definitions?

Hi. I’ve wanted to learn Japanese, and I’ve recently started using LingQ to try and achieve that. I have created a few LingQs and I have stored them into the word banks, so to speak. A few of the words have suggested hints with good definitions. Others, I’m not so sure due to the lack of explanation. Some words simply have hints such as a simple “ka”, “ta”, “na”, like their pronounciations. The only reason I chose those as my hints is because the other few suggested ones are not in my native language. I wouldn’t want to simply make my own hint because I don’t know what the actual meaning is, and I wouldn’t want to screw myself over with inaccurate definitions. Are there any other ways to find the translations to these words?

@MichaelTC - On the blue pane where you see the suggested user hints, you can click the Check Dictionary button to look up the words in a dictionary. Once in the yellow LingQ pane you can click the Check Dictionaries dropdown and choose a dictionary. You can also add additional dictionaries or check the full list of available user hints in your language. Why are you not comfortable checking the dictionaries and entering your own hint? That is how all the other hints were created. Between the dictionary and the context you should have a reasonable idea of the meaning. After that it is just a matter of encountering that word in multiple contexts over time to truly understand it. If, you have not entered the correct meaning initially, you will figure it out over time and can adjust it. It’s really not a big deal. Language learning is not about nailing things down anyway. Over time things become clear with enough exposure to the language. Good luck!